HTML 5 In WEB Design – New Graphic and Multimedia Elements

HTML 5’s primary objective was to standardise error handling. HTML enables the author to write incorrect code and have it automatically corrected into a valid document. There is an issue with the rules being unwritten. At the moment, the malformed document must be tested in multiple browsers and then corrected, as it will not display… Continue reading HTML 5 In WEB Design – New Graphic and Multimedia Elements

Mail HTML and the Email System

Email is a ubiquitous feature of today’s internet-connected world. It has largely supplanted fax communications in many offices and developed into a highly effective tool for businesses seeking to communicate their marketing message. While email undoubtedly has advantages, the addition of HTML complicates the otherwise straightforward process of sending a message. The HTML Email Concept… Continue reading Mail HTML and the Email System

HTML Redirection – Highly Advisable?

HTML redirection is a term that refers to the process of directing a visitor from one website to another. There are three popular methods for redirecting HTML pages: JavaScript Redirection, Timed Redirection, and Meta-Tag. When designing a website, the location of the webpage will need to be changed numerous times. In these instances, HTML redirection… Continue reading HTML Redirection – Highly Advisable?

Alternatives In Converting PSD To HTML

In the field of computer programming, website designers are the most in-demand service providers, and if the designer also offers coding services, he becomes even more valuable. HTML, or hypertext markup language, is an abbreviation for hypertext markup language. HTML is a markup language that is used to describe web pages. HTML documents are parsed… Continue reading Alternatives In Converting PSD To HTML